Bachelor of Social Work (Chinese)

 Program Description

The Bachelor Program in Social Work at the City University of Macau established on the 17th of May 2016, with its aim to cultivate social work professionals with advanced skills and high adaptability to social changes. This program emphasized on the evidence-based practice model with our teaching centered on the transition between theoretical models and different practice approaches. Its ultimate goal is to equip graduates with advanced professional knowledge and skills in the area of social work, and nurture the future generation of social work practitioners, researchers and thinkers with an international perspective, and be able to serve different communities in Macau and the world. 

 Program Features
  1. Diversified teaching methods with multidisciplinary academics
  2. Emphasized on the whole-person development in the learning process
  3. Encouraged international collaboration and exchange, promote local and international internship program
  4. Course curriculum combines research, theory and local practice experience to respond to future development and social challenges
  5. Platforms for international partnerships
 Core Skills:
  1. Nurturing internationalize social work professionals with advanced skills and knowledge to meet the ever-changing social needs.
  2. Equip students with advanced research skills and the application of professional knowledge
  3. Enhance students’ understanding on various areas in social work: gerontological social work, medical social work, social work practice with family; rehabilitation service, cross-cultural social work and social work administration and management
  4. Able to demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills in social work from diverse perspectives  
 Our Faculty

Our faculty members are a dynamic community with enriched research and professional practice experience, who actively engaging and working in local and international communities and bringing those experiences into the classroom. Our Ph.D. faculty recruited from top ranking universities in the world, and dedicated to work on cutting edge research, training, student support, community service and making other invaluable contributions to the community.

 Career Opportunities

Our program trains a cadre of professional social workers with not only advanced professional skills and knowledge, but uphold highly the professional ethics and values. Graduates are able to work in government, the nonprofit sector and the corporate world. On the other hand, graduates may also choose to pursue further studies at doctorate level.

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