CityU delegation visits Tsinghua University to explore innovative collaboration model in social sciences

To foster innovative exchanges and cooperation with mainland universities, Rector Jun Liu of City University of Macau (CityU) led a delegation to visit Tsinghua University yesterday and received a warm welcome from Vice President Peng Gang. The two sides engaged in a friendly discussion on talent cultivation, curriculum development, scientific research, and interdisciplinary development in health sciences. Ouyang Qin, party secretary of the School of Social Sciences at Tsinghua University, along with Dean Peng Kaiping of the School of Social Sciences, and Vice Rector Zhou Wanlei from CityU, were in attendance at the meeting.


During the meeting, Rector Jun Liu introduced the achievements and characteristics in terms of university development, educational scale, interdisciplinary research, and scientific research. He also highlighted the university’s emphasis on interdisciplinary development and exchanges and cooperation with Portuguese-speaking countries, aiming to cultivate versatile talents to serve Macao’s unique positioning as “one center, one platform, one base.”

Vice President Peng Gang warmly welcomed Rector Jun Liu and his delegation, and gave an overview of Tsinghua University and its development in the field of humanities. Vice President Peng mentioned that as a home for high-quality talents, Tsinghua University prioritizes the promotion of AI education across the entire campus and also focuses on cultivating the AI literacy of each teacher and student, and it adheres to personalized teaching for each individual, helping them grow and develop.

Both sides look forward to further strengthening communication and promoting cooperation between the two universities in the fields of social sciences and data science, jointly cultivating outstanding talents for the development of the country and society. During the visit, the delegation also toured Tsinghua University’s campus. They visited the West Gymnasium, one of the four earliest buildings on campus, and the Sports Honor Room, learning about its talent cultivation value of “Without sports, there is no Tsinghua” and gaining valuable experience for the development of the health sciences and the holistic development of students.

Next, the delegation visited the School of Social Sciences, where they held discussions on research cooperation and student and academic exchanges, and had in-depth discussions on potential areas for future collaboration. Party Secretary Ouyang Qin emphasized the long-standing humanities tradition of Tsinghua University and the strategic significance of cooperating with CityU – a young academic institution with vitality and promising prospects. Dean Peng Kaiping gave an overview of the school’s development and characteristics, emphasizing its commitment to serving society and the people through the pursuit of novelty, change, and creativity. He also highlighted the functions and characteristics such as cross-integration, computational social science, intelligent social science, internationalization, and social services, which could provide new ideas to address major societal challenges.

Rector Jun Liu mentioned that CityU is actively advancing development of digital humanities and social sciences supported by data science technology, with the field of social sciences serving as a link for cooperation between the two universities, with many common grounds worth exploring and discussing. Vice President Zhou Wanlei continued by discussing the efforts in promoting the development of digital humanities, and how both sides have a strong foundation for collaboration in this area. He also highlighted the successful implementation of “one country, two systems” in Macao, which provided a sound environment and rich academic atmosphere for interdisciplinary studies.

During the meeting, both sides reached a consensus for future cooperation through an innovative collaboration model. The two universities will collaborate on courses in the fields of health sciences, big data and artificial intelligence, and psychology. They will also expand cooperation in areas such as social work projects, short-term exchange programs for international students, and joint postgraduate programs.

Also in attendance from the School of Social Sciences of the Tsinghua University were Li Yuhong, adviser to the Office of International Affairs/ Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs, Li Ying, deputy party secretary of the School of Social Sciences, Xiao Hongying, Office for Strategic Partnership, Wang Fei, representative from the Department Of Psychology, Zhao Yizhang, representative from the Department Of Sociology, Yuan Yuhong, deputy director of the Office of General Affairs. Pei Sun, professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of CityU, and Kathy Che Ka I, director of the Rector's Office, also joined the meeting.

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